Approach and Services

Forestoration International works in the space between high-level institutions and the practitioners and communities or local agencies and organizations that actually implement restoration interventions on the ground.

Currently there is a large gap between the opportunity to implement FLR around the world and the capacity to plan, initiate, monitor and sustain FLR interventions. Although substantial funds are flowing into large international organizations and into countries to support the development of FLR programs and projects, action on the ground is lagging.

Strategic Support & Capacity Building

Advice on where, when, and how to implement FLR at regional, national, and international scales based on biophysical and social assessments.

  • Training & education
  • Research & development

Monitoring & Assessing Outcomes

Indicators and planning to monitor impacts, assess outcomes, and refine strategies.

  • Adaptive management tools

Planning & Design

Tools and evidence-based consulting on designing and implementing projects, programs, capacity-building activities, and business plans based on the core principles of FLR.

  • Participatory landscape planning
  • Social and economic analysis of costs and benefits
  • Developing restoration guidelines and frameworks

Convening Researchers, Stakeholders, & Practitioners

  • Organizing synthesis workshops on interdisciplinary topics
  • Convening workshops for practitioners and stakeholders