FLoRES Task Force

About the Taskforce

The Forest and Landscape Restoration Standard (FLoRES) Taskforce brings together a group of international experts from government, NGO and research organisations committed to promoting quality outcomes for Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR).

FLoRES formed in September 2017 to engage the FLR community in the development of quality standards for FLR. During an initial workshop organized by WeForest, PARTERS, and the Univ. of São Paulo in Piracicaba, Brazil and a second workshop in Nairobi, Kenya hosted by ICRAF we discussed the need to operationalize the principles of FLR for all stakeholders and actors. A third workshop was held in Tacloban, on Leyte, Philippines, where we discussed working frameworks for FLR.

The idea of developing FLR standards was put aside after Nairobi in favor of the development of FLR frameworks with clearly defined operational criteria for identifying how and where FLR is taking place.  Without such frameworks, the global restoration movement may fail in actually implementing FLR and in achieving its objectives and lose ground to business-as-usual approaches.

Our task is to bring about the development of frameworks and tools that will promote quality in FLR practice and outcomes.  

Our Work

Our work focuses on galvanizing support for the participatory development of international FLR quality frameworks. Since 2017, we have held a number of international dialogues across different continents to consult with a wide range of stakeholders on the need for, feasibility, and opportunities of FLR quality frameworks.

Our Products:

The FLoRES brief ‘How to know it when we see it?’ was published in 2017 and sets out the case for developing FLR quality frameworks.

The FLoRES whitepaper on Co-creating Conceptual and Working Forest and Landscape Restoration Frameworks Based on Core Principles. This was produced in preparation for the 2019 FLoRES workshop in Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines

The open access publication in Forests on Co-Creating Conceptual and Working Frameworks for Implementing Forest and Landscape Restoration Based on Core Principles

The open access publication in Forests on the Manila Declaration on Forest and Landscape Restoration

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